So you mean, that’s what a UX designer does?

Denim on denim, figuring out what we’re bringing in next season.

This was where it started it all, the reason why I wanted to be in fashion in the first place, which was I wanted to know why our customers were buying what they were buying.

  1. I have to go back to school. (No, you don’t have to, but I thought this was the best way for me. More on this later.)
  2. I really want to do this.
The one who helped me start this UX Designer job pivot
  1. I love analyzing people, maybe a little too much. Humans are honestly such interesting creatures. This goes back to what sparked my interest in the first place, trying to understand why the customers bought what they did. As a UX designer, this is the core of it all, understanding why users do what they do and as a designer how we can better their experience. Whether that means to direct user visit, focus group interview, contextual inquiry, so on and so forth. Yes, I was that child who always asked “why” about everything, but hey, it’s a great thing as a designer although it wasn’t for my mom 20 years ago. Love you mom.
  2. I’m a perfectionist who loves iterations. Yes, that is pretty contradictory, so let me explain. Although I strive for perfection, at the end of the day, I know that anything can always be bettered. With this mindset, it fits perfectly as a designer because good designers never stop even if the product’s been “completed.” As a designer, no matter how good a product is, there is always room for improvement. So, as someone who strives for perfection, I mean that I will be putting all that I do so that it’s at it’s best, but also know that it can be bettered. I remember during class, an instructor was telling me how he doesn’t like Spotify because of X Y Z reasoning, and that surprised me because I, who loves Spotify from a user point of view as well as a designer point of view, there were things that I can fix. I mean that is why there are designers at Spotify, who constantly finds new iterations on a product that is loved by many.
  3. I’m an extrovert (No, this doesn’t mean if you’re an introvert you can’t be a designer). I’m that girl that can pretty much spark up a conversation in any setting because… people are interesting, which goes back to my first point. I get my energy through being with people and this definitely puts me in an advantage, using this soft skill through user interviews and usability tests. Through boot camp, one thing I learned is that everyone is a natural storyteller, and you as an interviewer just need to find a way where you can get them to spill, which is a fun challenge for me as an extrovert.
  4. Creativity. This goes in two ways for me. First being, creativity in the sense of aesthetics. I’ve always had an eye for aesthetics in design whether that means through my neverending Pinterest mood boards, creating creative posts on Instagram, I’ve appreciated the extra touch of beautiful aesthetics in normal things. This is advantageous because users do tend to judge a book by its cover. If it’s pretty, users will be more interested in the first place. Secondly, being creative in the sense of being able to be fluid and seeing things from different angles, sometimes crazy angles. As a designer, there is a design process that everyone knows, which has been tried-and-tested many times. So, rather than reinventing a new way, as a designer, you need to know how to use the design process through different angles.




Product Designer || If you want to talk about coffee, I’m all ears. ||

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Sarah Joung

Sarah Joung

Product Designer || If you want to talk about coffee, I’m all ears. ||

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